Which side is our MP on over Syria?


We all remember the Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq. Now we have the spectacle of the chemical attack in the suburb of Ghouta in Damascus on August 21st taking us to the brink of yet another war.

Of course, as we know, our MP, voted to support military action, despite the fact that there was no evidence that the attack was carried out by the Syrian regime.

I would urge Julian Brazier to look at the report by Sister Agnes Mariam and the International Support Team for Mussalaha in Syria (ISTEAMS).

Sister Agnes is a Greek Melkite nun and the Mother Superior of the St. James Monastery in Qarah. The ISTEAMS report represents is a detailed analysis of the YouTube videos on which the accusations are based.

It shows that the evidence has been tampered with. For example, several of the bodies appear in different contexts in a number of the videos. It asks some very pertinent questions.

Why, for example, is there such a high rate of dead children? Why are there so few adults? Where are the parents? If the parents died with their children, where are their bodies?

If the parents were not killed, then where are they?

Why are they not looking for their children?

It also makes a startling connection. It says that there was a massacre carried out by US-supported anti-government forces in Latakia on August 4th in which a number of children were taken as hostages.

It then says that people from Latakia have since come forward to say that it is their relatives on display in the YouTube footage purportedly from Ghouta.

Which leaves us with the possibility that our side may be committing atrocities in order to use the corpses for propaganda purposes in order to frame the Syrian Government.

Mr Brazier, this is not the first time that this has happened.

Thank God that a majority of your fellow MPs were less susceptible to propaganda and refused to go along with the grisly charade.


From The Whitstable Gazette.

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