Reclaim The Sacred

On the first Monday of each November, a mixed group of around 50 Pagans, Magicians and other unconventionally spiritual people gather in the City of London to perform a series of public Rituals. Money Burners are well represented within their number.

Money, Magic and the Imagination – Part VIII

After St Paul’s we walked to the Royal Courts of Justice on the Strand, where King Arthur read out the Royal Proclamation forgiving debt: “I, Arthur Uther Pendragon, having been raised Druid King of Britain on the Coronation Stone at Kingston upon Thames in January 1998, this being the first day of the Celtic NewContinue reading “Money, Magic and the Imagination – Part VIII”

Money, Magic and the Imagination – Part VII

So we’re coming towards the end of our tale now. Two rituals done, two to go. The next took place on the concourse in front of St Paul’s Cathedral and was lead by John Constable in the guise of John Crow, his alter-ego. John is the kind of person that the word “charismatic” was inventedContinue reading “Money, Magic and the Imagination – Part VII”

Money, Magic and the Imagination – Part VI

Before we continue with our tale, let’s remind ourselves of why we are here. Why have a bunch of strangers met on the streets of London, on a blustery cold November day, to act out a series of rituals which, to the public at large, would look like nothing more than New Age gobbledegook? SoContinue reading “Money, Magic and the Imagination – Part VI”

Money, Magic and the Imagination – Part V

Do what you will this life’s a fiction, and is made up of contradiction. Wm Blake. So that was it, all the elements were in place for a magnificent and fun-filled day of ritual action. I’d always said there were three purposes behind it. Firstly, we hoped to start a debate about the origins ofContinue reading “Money, Magic and the Imagination – Part V”

Money, Magic and the Imagination – part IV

One of the gravest errors you can make is to assume that all the thoughts in your head belong to you. They don’t. They can come from all sorts of weird places: from the Ego or from the Id, from the media propaganda machine, from other people’s thoughts and feelings (including sometimes from people youContinue reading “Money, Magic and the Imagination – part IV”

Money, Magic and the Imagination Part III – Speech

Delivered from the plinth of the Eastern Dragon, south side of London Bridge, 7th November 2016 (this being New Year’s Day): What is money? Money is time. It represents all that time you have spent, in your office, in your factory, in your art, in your craft, at your desk, in your job, focussing yourContinue reading “Money, Magic and the Imagination Part III – Speech”

Money, Magic and the Imagination Part II – Mission Statement

We are a group of independent artists, magicians, pagans, druids, and media workers who held a series of ritual events in the City of London on the 7th November 2016. Our aim was to bring the subject of money creation to public attention using ritual as our our symbolic tool. We say that money isContinue reading “Money, Magic and the Imagination Part II – Mission Statement”

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