More about Pixi in the Trials of Arthur.

Not all the references to Pixi in the Trials of Arthur mention his name. The following is an extract from Chapter 18: Camelot (Of Cabbages and Kings). It describes life on a protest site, but actually refers to two incidents in which I observed Pixi, neither of which were on a protest site. The first took place in a friend’s front room, when Pixi stood up to recite a poem, accompanied by a woman who mimed to his words. Pixi did what he often did when he was performing: he invoked the fire. He asked us to imagine a scene … Continue reading More about Pixi in the Trials of Arthur.

In memory of Pixi Morgan

It was during this visit to Cardiff that CJ had met Pixi for the first time. He stayed for a few days, and then, on the Saturday night Steve and CJ went to a party at the house where Pixi was staying. He went by a variety of names in those days so you never knew what to call him. At one point he’d reverted to his given name, which was Neill, which he insisted was spelt with a double L. Later he declared that it was Reill, pronounced ‘real’ and even went so far to tattoo this on his … Continue reading In memory of Pixi Morgan

Where did the billions of pounds go?

Michael Linton, the founder of the Open Money Project, says that money is really an immaterial measure, like an inch, or a gallon, or a pound, or a degree. To speak of a lack of money is absurd: like a builder saying he can’t finish your house as he’s run out of inches, or a brewer saying he can’t brew any more beer as he’s run out of gallons. That’s what George Osborne is telling us when he talks about austerity: we can’t build for our future, he says, because all of the financial feet and inches have been used … Continue reading Where did the billions of pounds go?