Farewell Angelina by Bob Dylan

Joan Baez does a pretty good impression of Bob Dylan. There’s a bit in No Direction Home, Martin Scorsese’s essential film about Dylan’s early years: Baez is sitting in her kitchen nursing a mug of coffee. She’s just been talking about her first impressions of Dylan. This was early on, when she was already aContinue reading “Farewell Angelina by Bob Dylan”

The Trials of Arthur Revised Edition by CJ Stone and Arthur Pendragon

With an introduction by Prof. Ronald Hutton Description Looks like a tramp. Says he’s a King. Meet Arthur – Warrior, leader and Druid. An ex-squaddie and biker turned spiritual leader and parliamentary candidate. The bearer of the Sword of Britain. Once voted the tenth most outrageous man in Britain by Loaded magazine, following the incidentContinue reading “The Trials of Arthur Revised Edition by CJ Stone and Arthur Pendragon”

The Last of the Hippies by CJ Stone

The Last of the Hippies By: CJ Stone. 88,685 words. Dedication. For John Pendragon 1946-1998. The last of the hippies. Blurb It’s hard to know where the hippie movement begins. It’s even harder to know where it ends. There were hippies before they were ever called hippies. And there were hippies long after the hippieContinue reading “The Last of the Hippies by CJ Stone”

Fierce Dancing: Adventures in the Underground by CJ Stone

C.J. Stone, acclaimed columnist for the Guardian and the Big Issue, travels the land and investigates the curious state we’re in. Everyone’s Wally. Extracts from FIERCE DANCING: ADVENTURES IN THE UNDERGROUND by CJ Stone. Published by Faber & Faber May 1st 1996 price £6.99. Abridged by the Author. It began with a vision. He satContinue reading “Fierce Dancing: Adventures in the Underground by CJ Stone”

The Empire of Things by CJ Stone

Politics, paganism and… Vlad the Impaler. Stories from the front-line of the spiritual revolution, a collection of writings from 2003 to the present by CJ Stone. Introduction This book has been compiled from stories from a number of different sources: from my column in the Whitstable Times, which ran from 2000 till 2008; from myContinue reading “The Empire of Things by CJ Stone”

No Home, No Job, No Worries

WHEN HE LOST HIS FLAT, WRITER CJ STONE DECIDED TO GO ON THE ROAD. HOW WILL HE COPE WITH LIFE IN THE SLOW LANE? Traveller I’m not a New Age Traveller. For a start, I don’t have dreadlocks. I don’t have nose rings or a baggy jumper. I don’t even have a dog on aContinue reading “No Home, No Job, No Worries”

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