Mandela’s mission still leaves country in poverty

So Nelson Mandela has passed on. This must be the first time ever, in the entire history of the human race, that a politician will be missed. A friend of mine, Lois Davis, was at his first rally after he’d been released and she filmed the event. It took place in the Soccer City stadiumContinue reading “Mandela’s mission still leaves country in poverty”

The Empire of Things: a new book by CJ Stone

  CJ Stone wrote a column for the Guardian Weekend from 1993 till 1998. It was called Housing Benefit Hill and won the writer much acclaim. He has also written columns for the Big Issue, for Mixmag, for Radio 4’s The Afternoon Shift, for Prediction magazine and for Kindred Spirit, as well as writing regularlyContinue reading “The Empire of Things: a new book by CJ Stone”

Julian Brazier and Cannabis: who regulates the sources?

A few weeks ago our MP made a number of statements regarding the controversial retailers UK Skunkworks after a young man, Matt Ford of Whitstable, almost died from the effects of smoking one of their products. I responded by saying that while these legal highs are untested and potentially dangerous, some of our illegal drugsContinue reading “Julian Brazier and Cannabis: who regulates the sources?”

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