A form of squatting by any other name

I’ve just come back from visiting a community farm in the Forest of Dean. What’s a “community farm” you ask? In this case it’s a squatted farm on disputed land in which the residents – mainly young people from the nearby cities – are learning the art of sustainable living. Well I say “squatted” and that gives you a particular impression of the status of the people living there The word implies people occupying property to which they are not legally entitled. And that’s true, of course. Except that if you look at the history of land, all land was … Continue reading A form of squatting by any other name

We Are Wiser Than The Angels

Mums are everywhere. They are the universal experience of all creatures upon this earth, the first and the last. She is the being who maintains us in our solitude, when we float in blissful meditation in the womb, unaware of anything but ourselves. She is the heartbeat that surrounds us and which we take as our own. When she moves, we move. We’ve been moved by her ever since. Read more here. Continue reading We Are Wiser Than The Angels