Prosecute scandal bankers

As part of my irregular series of columns investigating the state of the modern economy, I’d like to introduce you to one William K. Black. Black has a background in financial regulation. In the 1980s he was a regulator for the Savings & Loans Industry in the United States. “Savings and Loan” is the American name for what we call Building Societies. He was responsible for convicting several hundred bankers for fraud. He developed the concept of “control fraud”, which he describes as follows: “Control fraud is what happens when the people who control… a seemingly legitimate entity, use it … Continue reading Prosecute scandal bankers

Alternative Funerals

Grief over the death of a loved one never really goes away. Even years later an unexpected memory can arise, bearing with it the pain of the original loss. It is vital then, when we say our goodbyes, that this is done in a way that fully expresses the love and the sense of sadness we feel when laying our loved-ones to rest. This is a universal truth. How we deal with death tells us a lot about the kind of society we live in. First published in Kindred Spirit Nov 2014. Read more here. Continue reading Alternative Funerals

One rule for the rich

A few months ago my car was subject to criminal damage. The passenger in a brand new four-by-four, very deliberately and maliciously slammed his door into mine, not once, but three times, denting my car and cracking the paintwork. When I challenged him he told me it was in retaliation for the fact that my car door had touched his when I got out. “This is an eighty grand car,” he said. “Yours isn’t worth two hundred.” I told him that I thought he had anger management problems and that I would ring the police. A young officer came to … Continue reading One rule for the rich