The Killing Fields then and now

  The Killing Fields was on TV recently. Maybe you remember it. It’s about a journalist and his translator during the time of the Khmer Rouge take over in Cambodia in the 1970s. It came out in 1984, won eight BAFTAs and three Oscars and starred Sam Waterson and Haing S. Ngor. The movie hasn’t aged a bit. It worth watching both for its depiction of the extremes of war, and of the deep personal relationship between the two men. It also shows you the violence of the Khmer State in the years after the war. What struck me while … Continue reading The Killing Fields then and now

Save Whitstable Crown Post Office

    Julian Brazier, our Conservative Party election candidate, has intervened in the Post Office debate by stressing the “urgency of getting the mobile building alternative in place before the Gladstone Road site closes.” I can’t see anyone in Whitstable arguing with this. Where some of us might disagree, however, is in the status of the service that will be housed in the new, temporary space. Mr Brazier is on record as saying that “in principle” he has “no problem with the Post Office moving to another store as part of a franchise.” I’d just like to remind readers that, … Continue reading Save Whitstable Crown Post Office

Time we gave up on the folly of saving daylight?

In 1984 the Eldorado Daily Journal asked its readers to save daylight during Daylight Savings Time, and offered a prize for the person who saved the most. The rules were simple: “Beginning with the first day of Daylight Savings Time, those entering the contest must begin saving daylight. Those who save the most daylight by midnight of the last day of Daylight Savings Time will be awarded a prize,” the paper said. “Only pure daylight is allowed,” it continued. “No pre-dawn light or twilight will be accepted. Daylight on cloudy days is allowable. Moonlight is strictly prohibited and any of it … Continue reading Time we gave up on the folly of saving daylight?