Threat to our sovereignty is from big corporations

As always I went to exercise my democratic right last Thursday, casting my vote at the polling station in Windsor House on Belmont Road. There was a long wait in the queue, after which I enjoyed my half a second’s worth of democracy, before being shovelled back into the political wilderness again. The voting paper was extraordinarily long, with a bewildering number of parties, many of which I’ve never heard of before. A lot of them were anti-EU parties, which I agree with. The trouble is most of the anti-EU protest votes went to UKIP, who have made a lot of … Continue reading Threat to our sovereignty is from big corporations

CJ Stone’s Columns: The Home Front

Accommodationally challenged after a disastrous foreign trip in 2007, CJ Stone was forced to take refuge with his parents. It was the first time he’d lived with them since his teens, and he was surprised to find himself in a war zone. Following are CJ’s bulletins from the front line in the eternal war of age and sex. The Empire of Things by C J Stone All these stories appear in my new book, the Empire of Things. Buy it here. 1. Bangers ‘n’ Mash It was bangers ‘n mash night. Bangers ‘n’ mash and the six o’clock news. Mum said, “What did you … Continue reading CJ Stone’s Columns: The Home Front

King Arthur Pendragon at Stonehenge

It was back in 1986, before the name change. He was still plain old Johnny Rothwell then, a crazy-arsed barbarian from the Farnborough and Aldershot area, head of a gang of outlaw bikers, a death-defying trouble-maker, a rebel and a fighter, known as “King John” at the time, not because he had any aspirations to royalty, but because he was famed for throwing full-moon parties at nearby Odiham Castle, also known as King John’s Castle. He’d had this weird revelation about his true identity – about his once, true and former name, as he describes it – in a run-down … Continue reading King Arthur Pendragon at Stonehenge

No need to travel to Canterbury to pick up undelivered mail

As you will know by now, the Royal Mail Enquiry office on Cromwell Road, Whitstable, has finally closed. This means that many of you will be travelling to Canterbury to pick up your undelivered packages. However, there are a number of other options available, and you should have received a letter from the Royal Mail outlining these. As it says, you can have the item redelivered on a day of your choice, you can have it delivered to a local Post Office, subject to a small charge, or you can have it delivered to a neighbour. However, there is one … Continue reading No need to travel to Canterbury to pick up undelivered mail

Engaged Spirituality

Russell Brand’s interview with Jeremy Paxman on Newsnight was one of the most watched YouTube clips in the UK last year. It’s not surprising. Brand is always entertaining, and to see him go head to head with one of the UK’s heavyweight political pundits had something of the air of an intellectual sparring match about it. Indeed it was billed that way. The BBC’s own YouTube channel calls the interview “Paxman vs. Brand”. So it was the old guard vs. the new, political commentary vs. anarchic comedy, seriousness vs. facetiousness, democracy vs. revolution, politics vs. spirituality. The politics of spirituality: from  Kindred … Continue reading Engaged Spirituality