Stop the Israeli terror on civilians

Readers may have seen the story about Julie Wassmer’s poster protesting against the slaughter in Gaza. It was fixed to a tree outside of her house in solidarity with the suffering people of that desperate, besieged, overcrowded enclave. She put a copy of it up on Twitter, which earned her a massive response. Many people throughout the world are appalled at what has happened in Gaza, at the brutality and callousness of the Israeli Army in attacking women, children and old people in their homes. Later a policeman visited her and took the poster down. He said that someone had complained that … Continue reading Stop the Israeli terror on civilians

New store, more zero hours

As you may know by now, Morrisons is due to move onto Whitstable High Street in the near future, having taken over the premises currently occupied by Cain’s Amusements. At present the opening date is unclear. However staff training starts on the 25th August, so we can expect the shop to open soon after that, possibly in early September. Recruitment is currently taking place, with potential staff being referred there by the Job Centre. This is sad news for the independent retailers of Whitstable who will certainly be threatened by the existence of yet another chain on our High Street. … Continue reading New store, more zero hours