Ian Pollock’s Illustrations for Housing Benefit Hill

In September 1995 the editors at the Guardian commissioned Ian Pollock to illustrate Housing Benefit Hill, and the results are shown here…

Fake News vs Stooge News

So the news this week has been all about fake news. A significant factor in the American election, we were told, was the proliferation of news sites deliberately propagating made-up stories. Channel 4 had an exclusive. Ciaran Jenkins, ITN’s Northern correspondent, was in a small town in Macedonia where, he claimed, much of the materialContinue reading “Fake News vs Stooge News”

Referendum propaganda

A recent survey by the New Statesman into coverage of the EU referendum campaign showed that 71.2% of sources were from the Conservative Party. Right across the media, the way the story was covered was as a struggle between rival factions of the government. The actual issues were deemed secondary to this. Now you knowContinue reading “Referendum propaganda”

Opposing Israel policies is not anti-Semitism

So there’s been this brouhaha in the media about whether Labour have an anti-Semitism problem or not. Meanwhile, as if by magic, a number of other important issues seem to have disappeared from the news. Take this as an example: on Monday the 25th of April, 4 days before Ken Livingstone’s clumsy intervention in theContinue reading “Opposing Israel policies is not anti-Semitism”

CJ Stone in the Independent

My first article in the Independent appeared in the Saturday Magazine, on Saturday 22nd March 1997. It was the first of a series a columns collectively entitled “Going Home“, about my return to my home city, Birmingham, in early 1997. The story is called “Back to Brummagem“, Brummagem being the local name for the city.Continue reading “CJ Stone in the Independent”

Ian Pollock’s Illustrations for Housing Benefit Hill

Housing Benefit Hill was a series of columns which appeared in the Guardian Weekend between September 1993 and September 1996. Originally it featured a cartoon series by Steven Appleby, which were very funny, but not specifically intended as illustrations of the text. (Mind you, sometimes they could be accidentally appropriate). However in September 1995 theContinue reading “Ian Pollock’s Illustrations for Housing Benefit Hill”

Dental Costs are painful – even for NHS patients

The following story is an illustration of what private provision of health care in the NHS could look like. For many years I went to the same dentist: Kelvin House on Nelson Road. That ended just over three years ago, when staff told me that they could no longer treat me as an NHS patient.Continue reading “Dental Costs are painful – even for NHS patients”

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