Power Trumps Identity

I had a sudden urge to get all controversial on Facebook the other day. This is what I wrote:

“Ruling class women self-identify by class rather than by gender, and then pose as victims. Discuss.”

What I mean by it is that women from the wealthiest families are more concerned with maintaining their wealth than they are with the plight of other women. When they espouse feminist values, I’m suggesting, it is generally as a smokescreen.

Amongst other things, I was thinking of Hillary Clinton and the recent media blitz around her book, What Happened.

She was all over the place: including on Woman’s Hour on Radio 4.

The presenter, Jane Garvey, was almost breathless with excitement. “Honestly, she’s on today,” she said: “the first woman in American history to become the presidential nominee of a major political party.”

The whole thing was slanted as an appeal to women. Hillary Clinton on a woman’s programme, as a woman, asking other women to identify with her.

This was the same woman who, as Secretary of State, had sided with ISIS in Libya, and turned a secure, prosperous, secular country into a basket-case of rival factions, all espousing fundamentalist ideas.

The same woman who, as presidential candidate, had argued for a No Fly Zone over Syria: something which would almost certainly have led to confrontation with Russia and the deaths of millions of women and children.

Clearly, in these two cases, the plight of North African and Middle Eastern women was of much less concern to her than American foreign policy objectives to do with access to oil.

During the election campaign Madeleine Albright, herself an ex-Secretary of State, said there was a “special place in Hell” for women who didn’t support other women. She meant, by not voting for Hillary Clinton. She was referring to all those, mainly young women in the Democratic Party, who were supporting Bernie Sanders.

It was Madeleine Albright who, on hearing that sanctions on Iraq had killed half a million children, had said: “this is a very hard choice, but I think… the price is worth it.”

So beware when hearing very wealthy women trying to come on all progressive with their feminist agenda: greed and lust for power trumps gender identity every time.


From The Whitstable Gazette 23/11/17

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