Money Burning

From Kindred Spirit Issue 152 Summer 2017: Sacrificial ritual is liberating and probably the oldest religion on the planet, says recent money-burning convert Christopher J Stone.

Look at the ancient texts – the Old and New Testaments, the I Ching, the Vedas – they are all shot through with the idea of sacrificial ritual. Usually it is blood sacrifice: the sacrifice of an animal. Occasionally it is something more dark and sinister: a human sacrifice. But whatever the form, the basic idea is there, universally proclaimed. You sacrifice something of value to you, in order to propitiate the gods – the powers of nature – in order to influence future events.

But that was in the past, wasn’t it? We’ve grown beyond all that now. We’re much too sophisticated to take any of that stuff seriously any more.

And yet… and yet…. Don’t you still feel something stirring inside of you? Doesn’t something still beckon from the depths? Not the gods any more: something else, something deeply subsumed into the very flesh of your heart?

A human being is a complex creature. We are made up of many parts. And while we strut about in our urban haunts thinking we have everything under control, it’s clear from the state of the world that there are unseen forces at work, and that the human race as a whole is completely out of control.

In other words, there are still gods to propitiate. Not external powers, internal ones. The powers of the hidden drives and instincts, beautiful and monstrous at the same time, that are even now pushing the world to the edge of extinction.

How to harness and control those forces? How to propitiate the gods of our own internal being: that is the question that lies at the crux of our time, at this decisive moment, when our very survival as a species is at stake.

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