“Fury” over plans to house refugees

Whitstable Gazette 16/07/2015
Whitstable Gazette 16/07/2015

Front page of the Whitstable Gazette last week: “Fury over plans to house refugees”.

Pardon? Did I hear that right? There’s an unused building in Whitstable; there’s  some homeless, traumatised children – that’s the meaning of the term “unaccompanied minor” – and somebody is “furious” about it; someone objects?

What has become of us, that we treat young people seeking refuge this way? The victims of wars that our political and economic elites started in order to fill their own pockets. Orphans, driven from their homes by conditions which we helped to create.

We don’t even know who these children are. We don’t know their stories or where they are from. We don’t know how they came to make these extraordinary journeys, in flimsy vessels, across a hostile sea, risking their lives to be here.

We don’t know which countries they come from, but it’s a fair bet that the majority will be from North Africa and the Middle East, where our pilots are active again, skimming the skies over Syria and Iraq, unleashing their weapons of fury at some newly-defined targets.

That’s right: “fury”. There is nothing in any of our imaginations as furious as a rocket attack, or as lonely and bereft as a child who has lost his home.

You want to know who Isis are, or how come they are so well armed, so well trained, so well equipped?

The bulk of them are the remnants of Saddam’s army. They used be known as Al Qaeda in Iraq. There had been no Al Qaeda in Iraq until we invaded their lands.

They were supplemented by fighters from Libya, who we armed and trained in order to get rid of Gaddafi and subsequently directed at our next chosen enemy, Assad.

Their philosophy is the salafist doctrine of Saudi Arabia, the most corrupt and venal nation on Earth, a nation built on nepotism and greed, who we support and arm.

Thus it is that our own actions return to us in the form of these homeless children seeking asylum.

If we really want to stop migrants coming into this country, then let’s stop the wars that drive them here.

More on Syria: https://christopherjamesstone.wordpress.com/2013/10/09/which-side-is-our-mp-on-over-syria


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