Is this the world we want to leave our children?

I’ve just spent the day with my beautiful granddaughter Bella. “Bella” means “beautiful” in Italian. I had a dream about her a few weeks ago. In the dream I was coming down the stairs in a very crowded place. Bella was at the bottom of the stairs, a long way away, but when she spotted me, despite the crowds and the noise, she recognised me immediately and laughed and clapped her hands. It seems like the greatest of privileges to me to have a relationship of trust with a child. The greatest privilege, and the greatest responsibility too. It is … Continue reading Is this the world we want to leave our children?

Satyagraha: Engaged Spirituality

Mahatma Gandhi called it Satyagraha, Truth Force. Martin Luther King called it Soul Force. It is mentioned in the Bhagavad Gita, as Karma Yoga, Action Yoga, consecrated action. Or we could call it Engaged Spirituality. It is the means by which a person with spiritual beliefs may become involved in the political world. Continue reading Satyagraha: Engaged Spirituality