I voted leave in the name of democracy

OK, so I voted to leave the EU. It took a long time to reach my decision. I was pulled both ways. Pretty well all of my friends were voting to remain and it was difficult to find myself in opposition to people I love and who I had shared a platform with on more than one occasion, but that is where my deliberations lead me. The national debate took place almost exclusively on right-wing terms. It was all about immigration and the money in your wallet, with both sides twisting the facts to suit their agenda. There simply wasn’t … Continue reading I voted leave in the name of democracy

Referendum – In or Out?

Still trying to puzzle the referendum out. I hate the people who have been chosen to lead the Leave campaign as much as anyone. The debate so far has seriously sold the British public short, with lies and disinformation on both sides, and the main arguments focusing on people’s darkest and most negative emotions: anger, suspicion, hatred and fear. All rational debate has gone out of the window. All we are seem to hear are the shrill pronouncements of prejudice and fear and meanwhile we’ve been seriously divided as a nation, with many working class people, worried about the effects … Continue reading Referendum – In or Out?

It’s like voting on who gets to kill your granny

I’m starting to think this whole referendum debate is based upon a false dichotomy. A vote for Leave is a vote for Boris Johnson and Michael Gove to rewrite the British constitution in favour of their rich friends. Anyone who thinks that the majority of the Leave campaign are for the NHS are simply deluded. These are free-market capitalists, Atlanticists, who want to reduce public services and sell off even more of our public assets than they have already. According to John Major, Gove wants to privatise the NHS, Johnson wants to charge people for its services and Ian Duncan … Continue reading It’s like voting on who gets to kill your granny