Deaths of stars and friends remind us how fragile we are

There have been a number of high profile deaths in the news recently: starting with Lemmy from Motorhead, followed by David Bowie and ending with Alan Rickman last week. I was never a particular fan of any of them, but they served as a familiar backdrop to the ongoing story of my own life, so it will seem strange not to have them around any more. There was also the news of the death of my good friend Richard Stainton, which I first heard about on Facebook. What was particularly poignant about this for me is that I have recently … Continue reading Deaths of stars and friends remind us how fragile we are

Satyagraha: Engaged Spirituality

Mahatma Gandhi called it Satyagraha, Truth Force. Martin Luther King called it Soul Force. It is mentioned in the Bhagavad Gita, as Karma Yoga, Action Yoga, consecrated action. Or we could call it Engaged Spirituality. It is the means by which a person with spiritual beliefs may become involved in the political world. Continue reading Satyagraha: Engaged Spirituality

Brian Haw: conscience for the world

I went to the Brian Haw memorial gig at the Whitstable Labour Club on Friday (8/11/13). In case you don’t know, Whitstable is raising money to make a bench in celebration of Brian’s connection to the town. Read more here. From The Whitstable Gazette. The editor welcomes letters on any topical subject but reserves the right to edit them. Letters must include your name and address even when emailed and a daytime telephone number. Send letters to: The Editor, Gazette House, 5-8 Boorman Way, Estuary View Business Park, Whitstable, Kent CT5 3SE, email Continue reading Brian Haw: conscience for the world