Residents shocked at vote to cut their care services

Lang Court So what’s going on at Lang Court? On the one hand they’ve just had new windows, new front doors and new kitchens fitted in every flat, at the cost of several hundred thousand pounds at least. On the other, the residents are being asked to vote on downgrading their services. First appeared in the Whitstable Gazette 16/06/2016 **************** From The Whitstable Gazette. The editor welcomes letters on any topical subject, but reserves the right to edit them. Letters must include your name and address even when emailed and a daytime telephone number. Send letters to: The Editor, 5-8 … Continue reading Residents shocked at vote to cut their care services

Deaths of stars and friends remind us how fragile we are

There have been a number of high profile deaths in the news recently: starting with Lemmy from Motorhead, followed by David Bowie and ending with Alan Rickman last week. I was never a particular fan of any of them, but they served as a familiar backdrop to the ongoing story of my own life, so it will seem strange not to have them around any more. There was also the news of the death of my good friend Richard Stainton, which I first heard about on Facebook. What was particularly poignant about this for me is that I have recently … Continue reading Deaths of stars and friends remind us how fragile we are

Katrina’s chocolates are simply heavenly

It’s become something of a tradition. Every year around this time I encourage my readers to shop locally and to buy their presents from one of the many artists or crafts people who live and work in Whitstable. This year I’d like to introduce you to Katrina Louise Taylor. Some of you will already know her. Many of you will not. Katrina is an artist, but she is also a very talented chocolatier. Ah chocolate: that most heavenly of confections. Who doesn’t like chocolate? But Katrina’s chocolates are in another league altogether. She’s been featured on the BBC Good Food … Continue reading Katrina’s chocolates are simply heavenly

Stop trying to score cheap political points

I went to the Remembrance service at the war memorial on Sunday. I was there to accompany my father, who was on active duty in the Korean War. My problem with the service was how relentlessly Christian it was. How many of us are Christian these days? I suspect not many, though all of us are touched by the effects of war. I must add that the Rev Rachel Webbley did a good job in broadening her sermon out, referring to “our friends the Muslims” at one point. I think that was a bold statement, possibly inserted to ensure that … Continue reading Stop trying to score cheap political points