Three Stories from the Whitstable Whistler

I moved to Whitstable in 1984. You could call me a DFB – Down From Birmingham – except that the previous place I lived was St Pauls in Bristol. Before that I lived in Humberside, and before that, again, Cardiff, South Wales.

Whitstable Views


Christopher James Stone

Illustration by Jade Spranklen

People may have seen the Whitstable Whistler. It’s a new magazine that first appeared in April 2021, given away for free at various venues around the town. It is published by Brightside publishing and is one of a nest of magazines from around the coast, including the Margate Mercury, the Ramsgate Recorder, the Broadstairs Beacon and the Deal Despatch (they like to alliterate their titles). The Margate Mercury has been going since 2016 and won the Highly Commended Magazine of the Year award in the Kent Press and Broadcast Awards in 2020.

I write a regular column, called Written in Stone. People will recognise the title as I’ve used it before. (It was suggested to me by Chris Rowden in the Labour Club many years ago, and I’ve been using it ever since.)

Unlike other free titles, the Whistler…

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