Guerrilla Gardening in Whitstable

Enjoy the pictures. Pay the sites a visit. Perhaps you might even consider taking up a gardening project of your own?

Whitstable Views


Photographs by Gerry Atkinson

Words by CJ Stone

(Click on images to enlarge)


St James’ Gardens

Many people in Whitstable will know St James’ Gardens. It’s this dinky little village-like community in the heart of the town. There’s a semi-circular path with a gate at either end, and a number of small one- or two-bedroom bungalows housing mainly elderly or infirm people. It looks like a nice place to live. I imagine it is very neighbourly, with people keeping an eye on each other to make sure everyone is OK.

It was my friend Lesley who alerted me to the small gardening project that is taking place in one of the shrubberies. A number of the women have got together to create a wild flower garden. There are poppies, sunflowers, a buddleia bush, and a number of other plants…

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