Another England: by CJ Stone

The spirit of old England, of a spiritual England, another kind of England than the one the advertising men try to sell us.

Whitstable Views

A Review of Levitating in Lockdown by Nigel Hobbins


As I’m writing this we’re in the middle of the Euros. England have just won 2-1 against Denmark and football fever is in the air.

The Leader of the Opposition, the Right Honourable Sir Keir Starmer was spotted wearing an England shirt, cheering for the team.

Well I say “spotted”, but it was unlikely that it was accidental. It was much more likely a photo op than a chance encounter. It looked like he had been planning this for weeks.

These days, members of the ruling class have to appear to like football, otherwise people won’t vote for them.

A little while back, after England beat Germany 2-0, pictures of a little German girl appeared all over the internet. She was crying for her team’s loss. England supporters were sharing it about while describing her as a “slut”. She was…

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