Bapu: by CJ Stone

The last time I saw Bapu was the day before he died

Whitstable Views

With Chandira Hensey

No stars were harmed in the making of this story. All astrological references are completely made up.

It’s a year ago that Bapu died: January 8 2020.

His brother Noel was with him. When he arrived at the bedside, Bapu was wearing one of those positive-pressure masks to aid his breathing. The machines that had been supplying his medications and support systems were gone, but the empty racking on which they had all been mounted was still in place. The lighting was soft and there was an air of calm and serenity in the room. “He looked a damn sight better and more at ease than the last time I saw him,” says Noel. “He had been washed and shaved, and looked about as presentable as I could have hoped for.”

After bracing himself, Noel sat down on his right and took his hand. He spoke quietly…

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