Whose Face Is This? By CJ Stone

Whitstable Views

A mysterious face has made its appearance around Tankerton.

It’s a spray-painted stencil of the full-on face of a man with glittering eyes and a moustache. He appears in at least two places around the area: in one of the shelters on Tankerton Slopes and on a temporary board hiding building works on Tankerton Road. There may be others.

The image had also previously appeared on the side wall of William Hill’s betting shop. The shop front is on Tankerton Road, but the wall — a plain white stretch of plaster, large enough to tempt any graffiti artist — is on Graystone Road.

The face is accompanied by various small phrases or slogans wherever it appears. The Tankerton Slopes shelter stencil says “Nick Knox”, which I take to be the name of the artist. The building-site stencil says “777” and the lost one on Graystone Road used to say…

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  1. Hi CJ
    I’m Nick Knox AKA adaptor_adapter777 on Instagram. It was great to read your article that a friend sent the link for a few days ago. I’m an avid Beefheart fan and made a graphic representation of his face from an old photo. I screenprinted it on atshirt a couple of years ago and thought it would look good as a stenciled image. I’m a recovering alcoholic and have been into counter culture since my LSD days in the late 80s. I would love to read your literature and it would be great if you could send me a return email. The shelter where the orange Beefheart image exists has been my meditation serenity shelter for the last 18 months of sobriety. I was born in Whitstabubble and grew up in the Tankerton area since the age of 3. There are a 2 gold “eraserhead” images on the Headquarters cafe in Tankerton road. The owner contacted me by direct message on instagram, thanking me for my artistic tag.. I am now 54 and should know better really! The rebel in me has never died, just become less cynical
    Nick Knox AA777 X


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