Hackney meets Glastonbury in Wetherspoons

Next time I catch a three year old robbing an old Granny with a butter knife, I’ll remember to ring the police

Whitstable Views

Knife crime? This was a bored three-year-old playing a game

I went to Wetherspoons with a friend of mine and her two children the other day.

Their names are Angela, Toby and Kai and they live in Glastonbury.

Angela was born in Whitstable and often comes back to visit. She’s a bit of a space-cadet, as I’m sure she would admit, but I love her. For instance in 2012 she burnt all her things because she thought it was the end of the world.

“You realise you’re
completely bonkers don’t you Angela?” I said, laughing, when she
told me that. She didn’t argue.

She’s a single parent.
Toby is three and a half years old. Kai will be two in February. The
kids are a bit of a handful, a bit wayward and demanding. Angela is
always chasing after them.

Sometimes she looks
very tired. I would love to…

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