Samhain Harvest Spirit

It’s one law for the rich, and another for the rest of us…

Whitstable Views

Why can’t people be allowed to top up their meagre wages?

It’s that time of years again folks.

The clocks have gone back, it’s dark by five in the evening, and there’s a smell of decomposition in the air.

Meanwhile the mushrooms are sprouting, the veil between the worlds has lifted and there are spirits roaming amongst us.

Thursday is Halloween. That’s Samhain in the Celtic calendar. Friday is the Day of the Dead. It’s the time when we remember all those who have passed over into whatever lies beyond this life.

Whether you believe in
spirits or not isn’t important. What we are remembering is our own
mortality. By honouring the dead we are paying attention to the fact
that we are alive, and that life is rare and precious.

One of the news stories this week was about the fact that there is fruit being left on…

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