Review: The William Blake Exhibition at Tate Britain

The Information Revolution is upon us, and no one knows where it will lead.

Whitstable Views

Poet’s verses ring true as we face our very own revolution

I went to see the Blake exhibition at Tate Britain last week. I would love to recommend it, except for one thing. It cost £18 to get in.

The exhibition is
obviously a great success. I went on a Tuesday and it was packed.

Tens of thousands,
possibly hundreds of thousands, will go to see it. It will earn
millions for the gallery.

And yet Blake lived his
entire life in a state of poverty, dependant upon the charity of
benefactors. Were he alive today he would not have been able to
afford to go to his own exhibition.

This is only one of the
many ironies we can associate with William Blake.

For instance, his most
famous poem, Jerusalem, is virtually the English national anthem. And
yet Blake was not a nationalist.

It was played at the

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