Consciousness is King

In the beginning, before time and space, there was consciousness

Whitstable Views

a manifesto

Art is Magic. Work is Magic. Breath is Magic. Consciousness is Magic. Mind is Magic. Awareness is Magic. Time is Magic. Imagination is Magic. Application is Magic. Attention is Magic. Words are Magic. Language is Magic.

Language is the carrier
of thought through signs. Magic is the carrier of imagination through
symbols. Art is the carrier of emotion through effect. Language, art
and magic are three aspects of the same substance. The substance is

Although we all appear
to be separate beings isolated in separate bodies we are, in fact,
all aspects of the same originating being which is consciousness.
Consciousness is the beginning of all things. Without consciousness
nothing can exist.

We don’t only share a
world, we share a Mind-Space. Mind is like an energy field that
radiates out from the core of consciousness. We can call this “the

In the beginning,
before time…

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