Brexit: which side are you on?

There’s no such thing as a no deal Brexit. We either have a deal with the EU, or we have a deal with the US

Whitstable Views

The following story
could be a parable for our times.

It’s about Eshu, an African trickster god who is always quick to exploit the limitations of the human mind.

The story goes that
there were two friends who had sworn eternal allegiance to each
other. Eshu heard about them and thought, “we’ll see about that.”

One day the friends
were working in two fields on either side of a road, when Eshu passed
between them.

He had on a hat which
was white on one side, and black on the other, and he stopped,
briefly, to wave a greeting.

Later, when the men
were taking lunch, one of them said, “did you see the stranger
wearing a while hat earlier?”

His friend said, “yes
I saw him, but he was wearing a black hat, not a white one.”

I think you can guess
the rest. The two friends fell…

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