Invocation of Hermes

Caduceous, staff of Hermes

Hermes, Hermes, Hermes, fleet of foot and swift of thought, I invoke thee. May I be the vehicle, as I was before.

If you are the message, let me be the messenger. If you are the story, let me be the scribe. If you are the book, let me be the author. If you are the tale, let it be told.

Let me overcome the difficulties. Let me face up to the challenges. Let me be the vehicle for the greater good. Let me be inspired. Let inspiration be my guide. Let pettiness not distract me. May I do the work of the gods.

May I find my proper place in the tumult of being, and not lose my way. For everything changes, each to its own rhythm. Let the beat of my heart be the drumbeat of time. Let the pulse of my blood be the rhythm of time. Here in the moment let me live.

If you are the god, let me be the form. If you are the music, let me be the dance. If you are the song, let me be the words. If you are the world, let me be the witness. If you are the sky, let me be a bird. If you are the mountain, let me be a tree.

Let me find my heart’s beginnings in the space between the worlds, in the breath of the wind, in the high places, where magic is born.

Hermes, interceder, intercede for me, cross boundaries for me. Let me know that you are there. God of gates and hinges, open them for me. God of fields and boundaries, cross them with me. God of paths and roadways, be a map for me. Envoy of the gods, deliver my messages for me.

God of lore and language, speak your truths through me. God of trade and commerce, be an exchange for me. God of art and cunning, play your tricks for me. Amaze me with your art, bamboozle me and leave me wondering.

Let your shenanigans be playful, let your thievery be just. Let me learn the sleight of hand, not to deceive but to amaze, or if deceiving, to pay my way. Let me never be greedy, let me be honest in my thievery.

I am a child of Robin Hood. Hermes, as your presence has been known, down throughout the ages, let it be known again. They did not banish you, but you remained hidden, disguised in other names.

It is you who leads the carnival, who sports and jests in tales of thievery, the Good Thief, who opens up the vaults of secret hoards, who would see no child go hungry;

God of migrants, the dispossessed upon the roads, help us guide this world to Justice. May your presence be among us once more.

Hermes god of mind, fleetingly swift, emissary, archon, messenger, you through whom inspiration flows, aid me in my quest.

Patron of travellers let me travel, swiftly, boldly, consciously, along the pathways of life. Wayfarer of the highways and byways, wanderer of roads, follower of tracks, explorer of lanes, wend your way. May I find my direction, may the way be ever interesting, may I never lose my attention or be misguided by the road.

Breath of life, breath through me. Path of life, step through me. Word of life, speak through me.

Let the silent prayer be answered, offered in silence, answered in silence, in words without sound, at the beginning of the world.

For thou art Mind, Hermes, Hermes-Mind, ever-young, he who carries the messages, from this world to the next.

Master magician aid imagination, make mind holy, open, make mind free.

Let mind embrace the heavens. Let mind step through the doorway. Let mind ascend the ladder that climbs to the stars. For you are the emissary of thought between the above and below, the god of the inbetween, the spirit of the air, invisible presence of the breath of the word; God of signs and intimations, of proclamations, of double-meaning, of the two-become-one.

Master of chemistry, transmute for me. Master of language, translate for me.

May I meet your presence in the lanes of the day.


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  1. This is wonderful, and with your permission, I’d like to use it during the Full Moon in Gemini honouring of Hermes that my group will do shortly.


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