In memory of Richard Stainton: Save Our Public Libraries

My latest, in memory of Richard Stainton, and to support the library campaign.

Whitstable Views

It was three years ago this month, in January 2016, that Richard Stainton died.

People in Whitstable will remember him. He was a dedicated campaigner and great friend of the town.

One of his campaigns was on behalf of Kent’s libraries. His “Save Our Public Libraries” petition gathered 4,127 signatures and was handed in to KCC in April 2015.

I feel sure that, were he around today, he would be collecting signatures to stop the planned reduction in hours of our county’s libraries.

The scheme, presently under public consultation, is to save £1 million by cutting the number of hours libraries will stay open.

For example: Ashford library could see a reduction in hours from 55 to 42 a week; Dartford from 57.5 to 42; Maidstone from 55 to 42; Dover from 55 to 37.

For Whitstable this could mean a reduction in hours from 59 to 37 a…

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