The following story was written as a column for Prediction magazine, but never published. One of the Editors was on holiday at the time and had sent around a circular saying that, unless you knew the secret of invisibility, you shouldn’t contact her. I wrote back to say that I did.

To be honest, the story originates with Idries Shah, the Sufi writer from the 70s, from his book The Sufis. His version wasn’t as succinct as mine. Also I’ve changed the central figure from a Sufi to a Magician.

The reason Prediction magazine rejected the story is that they felt it was negative “Is that all there is to it?” they asked. What do you think? I think it is rather sweet and touching, and it shows that anyone can leant the secret of invisibility if they apply themselves with diligence and grace. It also describes my attitude to life.

Read the story here.