Money, Magic and the Imagination Part II – Mission Statement

A guardian dragon at the entrance to the City
A guardian dragon at the entrance to the City

We are a group of independent artists, magicians, pagans, druids, and media workers who held a series of ritual events in the City of London on the 7th November 2016.

Our aim was to bring the subject of money creation to public attention using ritual as our our symbolic tool. We say that money is a sigil, a magical symbol which enters our lives on the most fundamental level, as desire. Money represents the fulfilment (or lack) of all desire in the current world and we carry it about on our persons, in our wallets and our purses, in our pockets and handbags, allowing it to control us on the most intimate of levels.

Money activates us in the deepest parts of our being. Anyone who tells you they don’t care about money is lying to you. If you’ve ever had a wallet or a credit card stolen, you will know the feeling. It’s like a sickness in the pit of your stomach, as if you’ve been violated. It’s not only the fact that you’ve lost the potential that the money provided, it’s also the feeling that something deeply intimate and personal has been taken away from you. Money is desire and is therefore a part of what makes us what we are on the most fundamental level.

People think that they possess money, but we say we are possessed by it. It is an occult force, meaning that it is hidden. It works in the dark. Ritual is the means by which we call the secret forces into the circle of consciousness, so that they can be known and recognised, so that we can speak to them of our desire, so that we can bring love out into the open and release it from its bondage.

Money is the essence of all that is human. It is made by us, through our art and through our emotion, through our creativity and through our craft, through our time and through our desire, through our sacrifices for love. It is made by us so it belongs to us, to all of us.

The sum total of all wealth in the world is the sum total of all human activity, paid and unpaid, through all time on this planet. Therefore, we say, it must be free. It must be released from its confinement, in vaults and in safes, in secret hoards and offshore holdings, in bullion and bank accounts throughout the world, and made to work for us, for the fulfilment of all of our needs and desires.

Money is a language. It is the language of trade and exchange, those most human of activities, but also of trust, and is only meaningful when it circulates freely, when it does the rounds, from pocket to pocket, from project to project, from product to product, and back again.

Money can be anything. It can be breakfast, lunch or dinner. It can be the fulfilment of any appetite. It can mean liberation or enslavement. It can be used for good or evil. Like magic it is morally neutral, but it does not neutralise morality.

Our world is groaning under the weight of an ever increasing debt. How can this be? A tiny elite are holding the majority of the World’s population hostage, using debt as their weapon.

Banks create money. They create money out of thin air, and then charge interest on it. What this means is that the money we have to pay back is always more than the money we borrowed. This too is a form of magic, but of the smoke and mirrors kind. If banks issued bank notes (as they have in the past) then we would see what they were up to, and stop them. As it is, they issue money as loans and mortgages, and we can’t see what they are doing. We assume the money they lend us has some reality in the form of savings but, by the magic of fractional reserve banking, they are able to issue more money than they hold in reserve. Many, many times more.

Most of the money in circulation in the world today is electronic money issued by banks. If a private individual tried creating money based on reserves they didn’t have, we would arrest them for fraud. Not so the banks, it seems. They can go on issuing fake money and profiting from it with impunity.

This process of money creation by private banks as interest bearing loans is what lies at the heart of many, if not most, of the World’s problems. As long as money creation is left in the hands of private entities, the debt mountain will continue to grow. The creation of money is a public need and should not be given over to private banks to exploit for their own ends.

Part III – speech


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