Whitstable Oval campaign pledge

I’ve just pledged £1 to the Oval Campaign on the Crowd Justice website: tinyurl.com/CrowdJusticeOval

It was an experiment. I wanted to see if it was possible to pledge such a small amount without my computer going into meltdown, and flagging me up as a cheapskate. Apparently it is.

If you go on the site it offers you various amounts you might like to donate. There are buttons for pledges between £10 and £200, but, in fact, you can pledge any amount you like.

You press the “Pledge now” button, and then fill in the space where it says “Other amount”.

The point is, it doesn’t matter how much – or how little – you pledge, as long as you pledge something.

This is an extremely important campaign, not just of local, but also of national importance.

It will set a legal precedent about transparency in the sale of public open space in the years to come.

It should also protect a sensitive part of our town from what looks like a monstrous development to me, totally out of keeping with the historic buildings that surround it.

Sea Wall is one of the most picturesque streets in Whitstable, unique to the character of the town.

What we need is more public open space and social housing, not more luxury apartments and holiday homes.

I’m sure I don’t need to repeat the history of this campaign, as it has been going for a number of years.

What you may not know is that within 24 hours of setting up the Crowd Justice campaign over £2,000 had been pledged.

That’s a remarkable figure in such a small space of time.

But much more is needed. In order to fund the Judicial Review, which is to take place in December, the Oval Campaign says it will need £25,000.

That’s a lot of money. But if everyone in Whitstable pledged just £1, that would cover the costs with money to spare.

It’s important that we are not brow beaten by the council and the developers into accepting something which will detract from the charm and beauty of our town.


From The Whitstable Gazette, 22/08/2016

The editor welcomes letters on any topical subject, but reserves the right to edit them. Letters must include your name and address even when emailed and a daytime telephone number.
Send letters to:
The Editor, 5-8 Boorman Way, Estuary View Business Park, Whitstable, Kent CT5 3SE,
fax 01227 762415
email kentishgazette@thekmgroup.co.uk

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