I’m starting to think this whole referendum debate is based upon a false dichotomy.

A vote for Leave is a vote for Boris Johnson and Michael Gove to rewrite the British constitution in favour of their rich friends.

Anyone who thinks that the majority of the Leave campaign are for the NHS are simply deluded.

These are free-market capitalists, Atlanticists, who want to reduce public services and sell off even more of our public assets than they have already.

According to John Major, Gove wants to privatise the NHS, Johnson wants to charge people for its services and Ian Duncan Smith favours an American style private insurance system.

If you you think they are really against an an unaccountable, bureaucratic, undemocratic organisation imposing itself upon our sovereignty, then ask them why they aren’t interested in pulling out of NATO?

But equally, those on the Remain side who talk about reforming Europe are talking codswallop. The EU has neoliberalism written into its constitution, and is profoundly anti-democratic. You only have to remember what they did to Greece to know that.

As Tony Benn said: “the Treaty of Rome… entrenches laissez faire as its philosophy and chooses bureaucracy as its administrative method.”

So a vote for Leave is a vote for less democracy, while a vote for Remain is a vote for less democracy.

Either way there is a democracy deficit and the democratic process turns on which undemocratic outcome we are going to have to live with after.

The constant trumpeting of individual campaigners shows up even more how false the choice is. Nigel Farage on the same side as George Galloway. Jeremy Corbyn on the same side as Jeremy Clarkson.

Personally I found the sight of Sadiq Khan sharing a platform with David Cameron—who had been denouncing him as an extremist only days before—wholly unedifying, and it inclined me to trust Khan less, rather than Cameron more.

It’s like a vote about involuntary euthanasia turning on who gets to kill your granny, and by what means: strangulation or a pillow over her face?

The only choice is no choice. How depressing.


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