Poor paying for profligacy of the rich


It seems our MP voted against a House of Lords plan for an impact assessment into cuts to Employment and Support Allowance to the work related activity group.

To translate that into normal English: Julian Brazier has just voted to take £30 a week away from disabled people.

Yes, you heard that right. Some of the most vulnerable people in society are now being picked on by our government in order to cover up their mismanagement of the economy.

Employment and Support Allowance is money provided to disabled people on the recognition that their disability makes it harder for them to go about their daily business.

The government’s reasoning for the cut is that it will “incentivise” them to find work. That would be funny if it wasn’t also so tragic. It’s like saying that in order to incentivise homeless people to find a home we should take away their sleeping bags and put spikes into shop doorways.

As it happens this is actually happening. If there aren’t any homes, homeless people won’t find them. They’ll die on the street instead. If there aren’t jobs for disabled people, no amount of incentivisation will help. Employers prefer the able-bodied because they do more work for the dosh.

Baroness Campbell, a disabled Peer, said, “It is attitudinal and environmental discrimination that really prevents this group from accessing employment.” Meanwhile the disabled will be £30 a week worse off and the government aren’t even going to allow an impact assessment to see how this will affect them; presumably because they know it will affect them badly.

I would be interested to hear our MP’s reasoning for his decision. He voted against increasing the tax rate for people earning over £150,000 a year, while also voting against a banker’s bonus tax.

In other words he thinks powerful people with plenty of money should be allowed to keep a greater proportion of their income, while vulnerable people with less money should have to face increasing poverty.

Poor people paying the price for the profligacy of the rich. What an insane, cruel and stupid world we are moving into.

Contact Julian Brazier: http://www.julianbrazier.co.uk/contact

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