Ignore the Tory PR, give Corbyn a chance


Unless you’ve been on Mars for the last week, you should know the result of the Labour Party leadership election by now.

Those of us on the left are naturally very happy. I’ve even rejoined the Labour Party. It feels like I’m coming home.

Winning the Labour Party election was the easy part, of course. The difficult bit will be winning over the public, who are already being subjected to a propaganda campaign of historic proportions.

David Cameron tweeted: “The Labour Party is now a threat to our national security, our economic security and your family’s security.” At the same time the entire Tory front bench were out in force and on-message repeating the same formulaic phrases.

Priti Patel, the Minister of State for Employment, was on LBC. She was invited to congratulate Jeremy Corbyn on his victory, but instead chose to echo the mantra about national security and hardworking families. In the space of less than four minutes she used the word “security” 11 times.

This is a Tory PR trick, of course: repeat the same slogans often enough and eventually, they hope, the words will lodge in your head and you’ll start to think they originate there.

Meanwhile a number of ex-Labour Ministers were writing scathing articles in the right-wing press. It makes you wonder why they were in the Labour Party in the first place, given that their natural allies appear to be Tory newspapers.

I know I’m writing for a mixed audience here in the Gazette, but let’s give Corbyn a little time shall we?

If there really is a threat to our national security, I personally trust him to tell us about it.

He will be privy to information that has been kept from the public for many years.

We may hope to find the real reasons why we have been taken to war so many times in the recent past.

And meanwhile his economic policies offer a genuine alternative to the politics of austerity which have dominated the debate since 2010.


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