A letter came through the post this morning. I don’t know who it was from. It was addressed to “Mr Mailman”, with a heart in place of the dot above the i, and a picture of a sleeping cat, with a toy dinosaur on its back.

Here is the picture:


It looks like the cat is dreaming about being a dinosaur and letting out that wild electric roar like forked lightning to frighten away its enemies.

The envelope was green with circles and star shapes, and a big hand drawn star in the middle, which is where my address was written.

Here is the letter.


I think it is honestly the best letter I have ever received from anybody. It might be the best letter written to a postal worker by anyone anywhere. It was me who received it, but I think it is for all postal workers everywhere on the planet.

So remember this postal workers – or mail men and women, or posties, or whatever you call yourself in your part of the world: You are AMAZING. AMAZING!

Evie. R. Body says so.