Nice to know we’re on the side of progress


So we’re at war again. Because all the previous wars have worked out really well haven’t they?

We bombed Afghanistan and the Taliban grew stronger. We bombed Libya and the terrorist armies spread throughout the Middle East. We bombed Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia. So – remind me –  which of these countries is now safe from terrorism?

This is the fourth time we’ve bombed Iraq. The Iraqis must have got used to it by now. We’ve been bombing them, on and off, since 1990.

Islamic State (IS) used to be known as Al Qaeda in Iraq. When we first bombed Iraq, Al Qaeda didn’t exist in that country. Now it has mutated into something even more deranged, has conquered territory in Iraq and Syria and has adherents throughout the world.

The reason we’re bombing IS is that they’ve been beheading people and putting the images up on YouTube.

This is, undoubtedly, very ugly behaviour, but does it actually represent a threat to the UK?

In order to bomb them we’ve enlisted the services of Saudi Arabia, which has publicly beheaded 79 people in the last year, often for the crime of “witchcraft”.

Other nations to join in the campaign against IS include Bahrain, Jordan and Qatar, all Medieval-style absolute monarchies.

It’s nice to know we are on the side of progress.

All of these countries have also been involved in facilitating the civil war in Syria, out of which IS arose. Last year they were arming IS. This year they are bombing it.

If you listen to the politicians, IS are generally described as either “psychopathic” or “evil”.

There may be as many as 100,000 IS fighters in Iraq and Syria. So were these people always psychopathic, or have they suddenly become psychopathic in the last few years?

Is there a kind of psychopathic flu going about? Or might it not have something to do with the fact that we’ve been bombing their homes and their families for nearly a quarter of a century now?

Bombing for peace is not only a contradiction in terms: it is the surest way of maintaining a permanent state of war.

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