Brian Haw: conscience for the world


“like an old testament prophet, roaring out his truths to the world”

I went to the Brian Haw memorial gig at the Whitstable Labour Club on Friday (8/11/13). In case you don’t know, Whitstable is raising money to make a bench in celebration of Brian’s connection to the town.

Read more here.

From The Whitstable Gazette.

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  1. Well said Chris,be it on our conscience! Chapeaux to Brian,was a moving tribute at the Labour Club with family and supporter’s and friends alike..may the force be with our collective conscience’s and spirit of humanity, towards all human kind.
    Well articulated in your column and well led by Ollie Double at the Club,Bravo all !


  2. Hello CJ. Glad to see your work is flourishing.

    I’m embarrassed to say this is the first I’ve heard of Brian Haw. Seems that someone like this should have been major news all over the world. But we know how the msm works. If they spoke of him at all it would most likely have been to denigrate him.

    Keep up the good work CJ. All the best.
    Richard (AKA ColdWarBaby)


    • I think most people in the UK know of Brian Richard. He lived in Parliament Square for around ten years, acting as the conscience of the nation. I’m not surprised that his story has been suppressed on your side of the water though. It wouldn’t do to hear what conscience and persistence can achieve. One day there will be a statue to Brian in Parliament Square, and Tony Blair will be tried for war crimes.


      • Your optimism is certainly admirable CJ. I’ve actually reached the point where I can see no prospect for the salvation of homo sapiens short of the complete dismantling of industrial “civilisation”. Sooner rather than later.


  3. Please forgive my lack of emotion but this sounds like a good basis for a film script to me. then perhaps Brian Haw’s cause would live beyond his grave.
    Brian Haw Profession Father could be an appropriate title.


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